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JAFFER FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP for the best overall student in A Levels. The scholarship caters for the entire undergraduate program and is applicable for any University within East Africa. 


Seen above is Mr. Suhail Osman, Top A’Level Student of Jaffery Academy Senior School receiving his scholarship for 5 years undergraduate degree program in medicine at University of Nairobi from Mr. Yusuf Jiwa, CEO Jaffer Foundation. Also seen standing from left is Mrs. Valentine Nguti, head teacher Jaffery Academy Senior School, Dr. Jane Rarieya, Principal of Jaffery Academy, Mr. Nishathusein Karim, Chairman KSI Education Board and Mr. Ahmed Jivraj, Hon. Secretary of the KSI Education Board.


Mohamed  Amersi

Throughout the years I have studied in Jaffery Academy, my experience has been steered to achieve greatness, and with the help of a dedicated faculty I have successfully fulfilled all my goals.  

suhail osman  Suhail Osman
Top A'Level Student
  June 2016

Head boy - 2015

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