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Celebrating Grand Parents Day at Jaffery Academy with grand children and their teachers, mums and dads.

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Highlights of the day on Youtube:

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On the 28th of September 2016, the senior school held its first MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS MEETING. We had a panel made up of four mothers and two students. Some of the issues tackled included: 
1. Ways mothers have appreciated their daughters
2. Challenges they have felt while bringing up their daughters
3. One thing they would request of their daughters

mdm1 mdm2

The same questions were posed to the students about their mothers.

At the end they were all requested to write down five positives they see in their daughters/mothers and 2 things they would like their daughters/mothers to support them in. THEN WE ALL HUGGED EACH OTHER. It was very refreshing!

Thank you girls, thank you Mothers for taking time off to show your daughters how much they mean to you!

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