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The PA Team of Jaffery Academy have embarked on an epedition in the prestigious President's Award Scheme. This scheme puts students in high school through strength and endurance testing; vocational service and finally the adventurous expedition, which involves map reading and navigation and reaching your destination on time; spending days hiking on the rough terrain and nights under the open sky. [View PA Image Gallery]


Jaffery Academy Wisdom Series is an initiative of the Jaffery community to nurture The Jaffery Way i.e. E= mC3 (Excellence = Motivation, Care, Curiosity, Creativity). It is an intellectual forum to share ideas and view which are original and beneficial to the Jaffery stakeholders in general and society at large. The inaugural session of JAWS was held on Saturday 6th February 2016 in the Mulla Asgher Hall at 10:00 am. The Principal of the School Mr. Minhas Tejani gave the opening remarks and introduced Mr. Mohammed Hersi, the Keynote Speaker.  Mr. Hersi is currently the CEO of Heritage Hotels and has over 20 years of experience as a seasoned hotelier in Kenya’s hospitality industry.

Hersi JAWS

Mr. Mohammed Hersi’s topic was “What’s meant to be will always find a way” and he shared his own life experiences. He captivated the audience with his excellent oratory and everyone appreciated the originality of his views. He also responded to the questions from the audience. All in all it was a rich learning experience for everyone.

Maliha Khandwala a senior student of Jaffery Academy shared her thoughts on destiny and finally the session was concluded by the school counselor Mrs. Rosemary Rarieya.

PHOTO CAPTION: Mr. Mohammed Hersi captivating the audience with his oratory at  the Jaffery Academy Wisdom Series (JAWS).  

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The fifth edition of the Inter Nursery Schools football tournament took place on Saturday, January 30th 2016 at Jaffery Academy. This year’s event attracted 6 schools namely; Aga Khan Nursery School, Oshwal Academy, MSB School, Kivukoni School, Light Academy and the host Jaffery Academy. All six teams were pooled in two groups of three teams with the top two teams qualifying for the semi finals.

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Nursery Football Team

PHOTO CAPTION: SEEN from left Mr. Tejani, Principal with the 'Little Champs - Jaffery Nursery Football Team' celebrating their victory in the recently concluded Inter-School Nursery Football Competition.

Pool A consisted of the defending champions Aga khan Nursery, MSB School and Kivukoni and pool B had Jaffery Academy, Oshwal Academy and Light Academy. Kivukoni School and MSB School showed great skills with MSB in the traditional Italian blue standing out. Aga Khan topped pool A with 8 points and Oshwal Academy second with 6 points to take the two slots for semi finals. In pool B, Oshwal Academy finished first and Jaffery Academy second to book their places in the semi finals.

At the semis perennial neighbours Aga Khan and Jaffery met in a very entertaining first semi final. This was a repeat of last year’s finals that Aga Khan Nursery won. Jaffery Academy eliminated the defending champions 3 – 0 with goals from Syed Ali
Abbas, Mohammed Huzeifa and Zishaan Ladha. In the second semi finals, MSB School and Oshwal Academy played to a 0 – 0 draw after normal regulation time. The winner was decided on a three-penalty shoot – out where Oshwal Academy won by 2 goals to 1.


The climactic event was the MUN Conference recently held and concluded in Nairobi. Jaffery sent its delegations at the senior level . A number of students (delegates) participated in the event under the able leadership of their secretary general and the Ambassadors to the respective delegations.

PHOTO CAPTION: STUDENTS of Jaffery Academy attending model United Nations in  Nairobi.














During this year’s Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday, the students brought in a lot of items to be donated to the less fortunate.  This time, the target was fellow children living in difficult conditions. The places that benefitted from this were:
1. Tabaraka Orphanage (Kisauni)
2. Pentros Community Primary School [Read More]


Being at Jaffery Academy is an exciting experience both academically and in co-curricular activities.  Jaffery Academy tapped and nurtured my swimming talent.

AmersiMohamed  Amersi

Throughout the years I have studied in Jaffery Academy, my experience has been steered to achieve greatness, and with the help of a dedicated faculty I have successfully fulfilled all my goals.  

mujMujtaba Jafferali
Head boy - 2015

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