Principal's Message

Jane Web

Jaffery Academy Mombasa has been established to provide quality education to the students. 
Our emphasis is on "Building Confidence - Empowering Minds".

As part of its long term vision of the school we are striving for our students to become Life - long Learners.

As a result of our constant endeavors for quality education the stakeholders of the school came up with a School Development Plan for the next five years. The following are the 5 target areas identified in the SDP:

  1. Quality Management System
  2. Learning Framework
  3. Assessment Framework
  4. Professional Development
  5. Student Counseling

We pride ourselves on our challenging and innovative learning programs that are taught by experienced and qualified faculty members. The students are engaged in learning through technology which also helps them to develop their critical thinking skills.

A lot of emphasis is given on providing hands on and minds on experiences to the learners through the High/Scope approach at the Nursery and Project based Learning at the Primary and Secondary level.

As a result of the holistic experiences through the rich learning environment our students get an upper edge in getting admissions in institutes of higher education. Many of our students are studying at the National and International Universities.

Dr. Jane Rarieya PhD.

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