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Jaffery Academy is a welcoming friendly school with vibrant learning space, incorporating the latest technology to engage and inspire your child. Our school's diversity creates a stimulating environment enhancing each child's experience and social skills. At Jaffery Academy parents are valued partners in their child's education.

Our teachers welcome the involvement of parents which enriches the learning experience of the children. The parents are encouraged to actively participate in the activities of the school  and to also make valued input into the school's success. 

The environment at the Jaffery Academy is collaborative in all aspects and has a strong community feel. Students are immersed in a respectful and mindful environment with many activities to support the development of these traits as we strive to nurture and develop the whole child.

The strong co-curricular programme with diverse activities further supports this goal. The sports programme focuses on developing skills and a passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle while paving the way for participation in competitive sports.

Our highly dedicated, caring teachers develop challenging learning programs that cater for the needs of your child. Teachers work collaboratively to plan and implement programs which inspire and engage young learners.

Our highly qualified teaching and support staff maintain a high standard through ongoing professional development. We pride ourselves in our innovative teaching methods which encourage all children to participate and achieve their personal best. 

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Tel: 0724 257104/041 2225605   Email: info@jafferyacademy.org   Off Vanga Road Kizingo,P.O. BOX 82522—80100, Mombasa, Kenya 


Mohamed  Amersi

Throughout the years I have studied in Jaffery Academy, my experience has been steered to achieve greatness, and with the help of a dedicated faculty I have successfully fulfilled all my goals.  

suhail osman  Suhail Osman
Top A'Level Student
  June 2016

Head boy - 2015

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