Our Vision

To be the leading provider of wholesome quality education.

Our Mission

JAFFERY ACADEMY MOMBASA, strives to provide quality education and to give students opportunities to exploit their potential in order to grow academically, spiritually and socially.

Who are we?

Welcome to Jaffery Academy Mombasa the hub of building confidence and empowering minds

At JAM, we believe that all children can learn at their own pace given the right environment, time and support hence we never lose focus of the uniqueness of each child under our care. Our ultimate goal, to empower minds and build confidence in all our learners so that they can make a difference in society.

For learners to acquire 21st Century learner skills, they need to be exposed to a balanced curriculum, rich in knowledge, skills and meaningful experience-hence the use of Cornerstones- an ambitious and engaging primary curriculum tailored to the child’s development stage at each level.

Pastoral Care

At JAM, I matter, You matter, We matter, our pastoral slogan that ensures all learners feel valued and catered for both emotionally, socially, spiritually and academically. Our vast pastoral programme aims at securing a safe haven for our learners where they feel protected and comfortable to go about their day’s learning without fear. Through forums like Baraza’s where students meet their Deans of Pastoral Care to share their fears, hopes, needs, success, and also through a well-structured Mentorship programme where each child is attached to a mentor with whom they meet fortnightly to discuss progress and challenges faced along the way and next steps into their learning journey.

Community Involvement

We also pride ourself with partnership with the wider community hence the constant involvement of parents in their child’s learning journey through various forums like coffee mornings, parent teacher conferences, assemblies and various school events set aside to celebrate achievement of our learners. With this we strive to develop positive relationships and a welcoming atmosphere in our school.

How do we do it?

Our team of competent staff endeavours to inspire children to achieve their full potential through passionate teaching that develops confidence, curiosity and independent learning in an inclusive environment. Our sports curriculum serves such a rich menu in terms of sports ranging from ball games, indoor games, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, Taekwondo just to mention a few. This is a deliberate effort to ensure that we tap into our learners’ strengths, talent and potential. There’s something exciting for every child.