Our Aim

We have a special child centered approach which enhances children’s development, skills and interests at the right time to help them become confident, capable and in control of their world. Our aim is to prepare children for a smooth transition to primary schools.

Our Curriculum

A Home away from Home

We pride ourselves in ensuring that each and every child is taken in as a Jaffery family member. As we welcome children during their transition period from home, we take note of their attachment and bonding to their initial caregiver who is the parent. Our experienced staff who are warm and receptive provide the child with comfort within no time, ensurers their needs are met so that they feel safe and develop trust in their new environment.

All children from the different ethnic groups, backgrounds and religions are treated with equal respect and care. Individual differences are catered for and each and every child is treated with uniqueness. They are provided with developmentally appropriate resources and play items within a conducive environment where they are able to enjoy play, explore, leading to discovery and new beginnings.

No Doubt at Jaffery ‘We Care!’


At Jaffery Academy, we ensure the teaching encompasses listening, speaking skills, reading and writing are emphasized in a child friendly manner. Varied teaching and learning strategies are employed including play which is paramount in language development.
The oral skills such as receptive listening and expressive speaking are enhanced by providing students with opportunities to interact with each other and with the adults in the setting ,through news telling, storytelling , show and tell sessions and role plays. We ensure they understand spoken language, putting emphasis on English as an official language, and are able to speak and communicate clearly with others.


The school aims to give your child a sound start in mathematics. Teachers facilitate math activities where children explore and discover. The teacher’s provision of math play includes varied and exciting hands-on activities and games to help the children from the toddler stage, develop further mathematical awareness.

Using early maths concepts in their daily routine, such as sorting, counting, measuring just to name a few, gives them a jumpstart and a readiness to apply their knowledge in real life situations.

We aim to build confidence with numbers, shapes and materials through well prepared and thought provoking activities.

Building a strong math foundation ensures your child is well prepared for tomorrow’s math world.

Thematic Approach

The Nursery section uses a ‘Thematic Approach to Learning’ which makes teaching and learning more meaningful, aiming to vary instruction ensuring it’s as natural as possible.

Themes compliment and integrate the curriculum connecting all learning areas, this enriches children’s knowledge widening the scope thus actively engaging them as they become self- reliant, self – driven and accommodating to all learning styles.

Join us as we create lifelong learners!


Our afternoon club sessions offer variety of engaging and enjoyable activities designed to benefit the children.

The children appreciate new experiences based on their interests. The activities tap their hidden talents, build their confidence and self-esteem which will enable them thrive in future.

Every new experience encountered during the co-curricular activities opens a window of opportunity, golden discovery moments and lots of smiles.