The outstanding laboratories in Senior school and Junior schools has guaranteed that our students have hands-on experience in sciences. The laboratories have made teaching and learning of science practical and meaningful.

The well-furnished laboratories are upgraded yearly to provide learners with the ambience needed in developing their critical thinking and creative skills in carrying out experiments.

At Jaffery Academy, laboratory experiments take place in controlled environments and are the main method used in the natural sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our students carry out numerous experiments which have been designed to test numerous scientific theories.


Jaffery Academy boasts of three state-of-the-art libraries.

The libraries are found in Nursery, Junior and Senior schools. The presence of a library has ensured improved academic lifeline through research and an avenue for leisure reading. The libraries are annually stocked with latest books, novels and magazines which are sourced from different places.

Students visit the library in all the three schools for personalized reading as well as group discussion. Our libraries are resourceful as they support teaching and learning of our students centered approaches to education. They also provide the serene and academic paradise that spurs imagination in our students thereby forming a strong reading culture at our Academy.

The road to academic excellence in Senior, Junior and Nursery is made complete through our resource-rich library.


“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.”
― Maya Angelou


The evolving world is shaped by Information Communication and Technology. At Jaffery Academy, ICT is the lifeline that makes us who we are. Our academic pillar is held together by ultra-modern ICT rooms in Nursery, Junior and Senior schools. The presence of modern ICT labs ensures that our students can do online research and and be familiar with up to date communication skills and new technology.

The heavy investment in ICT has ensured the acquisition of smart boards in our school that make learning fun and memorable.  ICT being the backbone of our modern society has ensured that students from Nursery, Junior and Senior schools acquire relevant IT skills through ICT lessons.

The continuous upgrading and refurbishing our three ICT laboratories every year has guaranteed top notch ICT equipment that can be used by all our students. ICT has also been integrated with other subjects based on our technology driven curriculum. ICT rooms and resources are managed by qualified teachers in ICT.


The importance of art in shaping 21st century blossoming careers in Arts and Fine Arts cannot be overlooked. At Jaffery Academy, we enhance these skills through spacious and creative Art rooms, unique Art lessons and inspiring Art clubs. Art is opening up new frontiers and career opportunities so we at Jaffery Academy endeavor to nurture this flourishing talent in our students.


Through a rich diet of sports and games at our school, our modern and refurbished playground and playing fields has made it possible for the academy to flourish locally, regionally and internationally.The presence of such facilities at Jaffery Academy brings communities together, improves mental health, promotes healthy active lifestyles through inter-houses events, games, annual sports day event among others.