To be the leading provider of wholesome quality education.

Jaffery Academy Strategic Areas

Goal 1

Teaching and learning will be enhanced by evidence-based reward and recognition.

Goal 3

Jaffery Academy Increased student voice and participation in school matters.

Goal 4

Provide student - centered inclusive learning technology through variety of services, programmes and resources.

Goal 6

Enhanced access to learning and inclusion for all students.

Goal 7

Establish a more focused and accessible leadership.

Goal 9

Establish a lean,efficient and effective teaching force at Jaffery Academy.


We will uphold Islamic values & ethos at all times.

We ascribe in totally to honesty, transparency and accountability

We strive to attain the highest professional standards in everything we do through the application of professionally competent staff and embrace state-of-the-art technology.

We seek to pursue teamwork as a means of building understanding and co-operation in our internal and external relationships.

We strive to create a safe working environment and to uphold environmentally friendly practices so as to have positive and healthy impact in all our endeavours.