Deepak Davdra

“I have been in the school for the most part of my schooling experience and it has been a wonderful journey. I actually have no words to express myself and my attitude towards the school as I am lost for words on where to begin and where to end. I know for a matter of fact that we have the best teachers in the institution- from nursery to secondary. The teachers are the main support system in a student’s life and I felt that at Jaffery academy. I was guided on all steps of my journey; picked up when I fell down and lifted even higher when I achieved something. It is always said that teachers are our second parents but at Jaffery, I felt that and I can firmly say that it is true.

The various friends I made are now friends for life and every day I learnt something new from someone in the school which was a huge takeaway for me.

The various activities and events made me see my true potential as a person, be it a debate or a conference, the support I received from the school was phenomenal. My journey was great. I got to learn from my mistakes and was allowed to think freely beyond the four walls of my classroom. As a result, the thinking and problem-solving skills I have received aid me in my life at university and in the outside world.

This was my journey in Jaffery academy and I am more than grateful, glad and honoured to have been a part of this glorious institution.”